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April 2011
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Stickthelizard [userpic]
The Enigmatic Three Pound Universe

I have no experience whatsoever in the worlds of STEP AEROBICS. I do not know if I really want to have experience in this strange new/old/dead world. Somebody give me a thicker layer of Articular Cartilage and I may think about this place some harder.

While I was working at Llewellyn and learning massage, I was pounded with AROMATHERAPY. That is all. Lavender will always remind me of Ben. Much like Virginian Cedarwood will always make me think of Jake. Even though, I am pretty sure he hated cedar. Eh. tevs, I like it.

ANSEL ADAMS had a photographic memory. i wonder about this. Did he remember the scene before the photos? Did he have them all catalogued 'before' and 'after?' I hope so.
“I had been able to realize a desired image: not the way the subject appeared in reality but how it felt to me and how it must appear in the finished print”

While I was working at selling paper products to CHRISTIAN churches, we would plant prizes in lots visible from our office. GEOCACHING fun spy time. Throw up the clues and watch for any takers. Some one won signed 8X10 glossy of Chuck Norris. That one was curled in a pringles container on the top level of attached parking ramp. Included was a bright magenta Sharpie marker. I hope the short hairy man used these with ultimate wisdom.

So yeah,

Current Mood: shockedshocked

The cedar you have been wearing is not Jakes.

Jake hated the smell of cedar. I liked it. It just reminds me of that time in my life.

40 dollars for a full-body massage? How long of a massage? It's super cheap if it is for a full hour. It's still a good deal for 30 minutes. I feel it is not a good deal if the therapist is using a chair. For that much money I would want to be face down. Or face up. Horizontal. That's what. Chest massages are real calming too.
Damn. I should check to see if the schools need new different bodies to work on.