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April 2011
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Stickthelizard [userpic]

I have become a bigger Pac-Man.

When I got into the Perkins Edina, in an odd coincidence, they were playing Song 7 from Coldplay VIVA LA VIDA. Which I also had in my Discman and was listening to at the time.

A sign from Satan?!

Also, a girl in there was having a fifteen-years-old birthday party.

People started singing to her "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!"

I thought, what gift could I give her? And then I gave her the Coldplay CD from right out of my Discman. She blushed and was embarrased.

It's OK, I'll buy another one.

Or maybe I should stop listening, and start working again.
I did "promise" my Facebook Fans I'd have something new by March 5th.

And I don't want to just do "rehash".