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Superman has a big peck
So long it hurt her
Chicks dig big dick guys
Give her your largest weapon today
Make your love locomotive enter her tunnel on a full speed
Is she complaining you're too small?
Upsize your power drill
Your 9 inch tool will drive her nuts
Never pay for bedroom action again
Show her who the REAL man is
Don't be a failure in bed
She's ready for you
She'll reward you so much

The size of the member plays the large role
in granting to the woman of the large sensual pleasure
The large, thick member is capable to stretch vaginal or anal
to a muscle in the much greater degree
that creates the woman sensation deeper
in it penetration and maximal filling
Plunge into the ocean of love with male power prolonger
Give woman the first thing she expects from you - the unforgetable pleasure
Show your woman high peaks of pleasure and she will worship your unique abilities

Be more than a man
With the ability to make out for days you'll be the best candidate for girls to spend night with.
Make her beg you
Women look at the bulge in your pants
Grow and grow non-stop
She will come from behind
make her come again and again
Put your sword in her scabbard
Be her wild prince of pleasure
Give her serious bombing
Only if you want more intense mindblowing climax
This will bring fire to her crotch
She won't believe how tight it is
Never have a problem bedding her
She will be the happiest woman after sex

Pay her back with this
Put your doughnut in her oven
Get large for the gang bang
You won't be able to take a step without your watch
Any, even the most dirty desires will come true
With this she will always swallow
Burst above the average size
Fire her up with your passion!
She'll take her panties off for it
Let your zip feel tension
Learn the art of pleasuring her
You'll be able to invade so deep into woman, she'll scream and shout like crazy
9 inches will make her come
Besides the duration of one push too plays the role
Make your pecker glorious
The size of the member plays the large role in granting to the woman of the large sensual pleasure
You private xxx life willbe so good that you won't help from boasting it
I popped her cherry yesterday
Jenny panicked when she saw my new size
I grow massive with ease
She always ride you now

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From misc

Very slowly.
I am uploading all the pictures I have stolen from your lives and putting them on the INTERNET.

Take That.

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Jo Dard Mila Apnon Say Mila

Tauba meri tauba ye pyar buri cheez hai

Aaj ki raat likh de saaqi
Aag aur Zindagi

Ek kati patang hoti hai
Society Girl

Tera mera pyar jo zara bhi hua kam
Behan Bhai

Tu Meri Zindgani Ne Pulni Piyar Kahani
Heera Pathar

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